RAINISM Rain is Back 2009!!!

2008 was a remarkable year for international pop sensation Rain who swept the charts once again with Rainism. As a token of appreciation for his fans, Rain presents Rainism Recollection , containing all 12 original tracks from his best-selling fifth release, plus a DVD, a photo booklet, and must-have extra features that offer a perfect chance to rediscover the star's hits all over again in a different light.

Limited to 30,000 copies, this 3-Disc Limited Edition includes a funky house remix of Fresh Woman, alternate acoustic versions of September 12th, My Girl, and Love Is, plus the English, Japanese, and Chinese language versions of title song Rainism and Love Story. The DVD unveils the 35-minute full version of his Love Story music video which stars actress Ha Ji Won and J. Tune Entertainment's up-and-coming artist Kim Kwang Min who plays Rain's close friend.

"Fresh woman"-- i like this song, i like the first rythm and also sounds like "fresh ramen...fresh ramen huahaha".

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Girls Generation (SNSD) - Gee MV (english subbed)

So Nyeo Shi Dae has rose up to their 1st #1 spot on KBS Music Bank.
But after 2 weeks, still no comeback stages from the girls on the show, proving discord rumours right.

Their comeback song ‘Gee’ was at #1 position on the KChart on the show aired on 16th January, beating Baek Ji Young’s ‘Like Being hit’ and K Will’s ‘Love 119′.
But what was a shame was that So Nyeo Shi Dae did not perform on the show. It was followed up on 16th January that their appearance on the show has been cancelled as they “won’t be able to perform on Music Bank”.

A Music Bank representative said, “Following KBS’ rules, it will be hard to see So Nyeo Shi Dae on Music Bank for a while.”

Rumors have it that SM Entertainment artistes will have a hard time appearing on Music Bank too. This was said to be due to the incident relating to 2008 KBS Gayo DaeJeon on 30th December, that SM Entertainment had not allowed its artistes to perfom on it.

But both sides have denied any discord between them. SHINee appeared on Music Bank on 2nd and 9th January to prove any rumours of discord wrong.

It is rarely the case that we see So Nyeo Shi Dae missing their comeback for 2 weeks, perhaps the rumours are indeed true.

Meanwhile, the girls are having a strong comeback with catchy song ‘Gee’ and its cute ‘crab leg’ and ‘perfume’ dance.

source: kbites

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RURUTIA - Lost Butterfly (JApanese)

Rurutia (ルルティア) is a Japanese singer/songwriter. She began her career in 2001 with the release of 'Itoshigo yo' when she was signed to Toshiba-EMI. She is currently signed to Phoerix Records as of mid-2005 and has released a total of 5 regular albums and 10 singles thus far. Rurutia is an intensely private artist; most aspects of her life - such as her age and her real name - are not known to the public.rain'. This fact, added to her whispered vocals, creates a unique and mysterious atmosphere around her.

Her pseudonym, Rurutia, is derived from the Tahitian word rorotea meaning 'blissful

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I Love You - Utada hikaru Cover Yutaka Ozaki (Utada Forgot the lyrics)

Even a diva singer like utada also can forgot lyrics in the middle of her performance, this also happen for several artist in japan. in this clip utada sing one of old song from known singer " Yutaka Ozaki " this song also ever make in chinese version sing by singer "Aaron Kwok" also i put the lyrics in english for those who want to listen undertsand my one of favorite japanese song.

love you
just for now, I don't want to hear sad songs
I love you
escaping and escaping, I finally got to this room

this isn't a love where I was forgiven for everything
the two of us are like abandoned cats
this room is like an empty box, covered in fallen leaves
so you, with a crying voice like a kitten's...

*on this creaking bed, instead of holding gentleness
if we can hold each other tightly
and then we'll close our eyes again
with a sad song, for this love not to fade

I love you
the two of us, who are too young
there's an untouchable secret in our love
I love you
I can't arrive at that, in my life right now

the love that piles up and lives on as one
we're only seeing a dream and being hurt
hearing "I love you" over and over,
you can't even go on living without this love

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