RAINISM Rain is Back 2009!!!

2008 was a remarkable year for international pop sensation Rain who swept the charts once again with Rainism. As a token of appreciation for his fans, Rain presents Rainism Recollection , containing all 12 original tracks from his best-selling fifth release, plus a DVD, a photo booklet, and must-have extra features that offer a perfect chance to rediscover the star's hits all over again in a different light.

Limited to 30,000 copies, this 3-Disc Limited Edition includes a funky house remix of Fresh Woman, alternate acoustic versions of September 12th, My Girl, and Love Is, plus the English, Japanese, and Chinese language versions of title song Rainism and Love Story. The DVD unveils the 35-minute full version of his Love Story music video which stars actress Ha Ji Won and J. Tune Entertainment's up-and-coming artist Kim Kwang Min who plays Rain's close friend.

"Fresh woman"-- i like this song, i like the first rythm and also sounds like "fresh ramen...fresh ramen huahaha".


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